Mental Health Support


NAMI Family Support Group

This group offers the opportunity for family members to process their struggles in supporting their loved ones. Issues like communication, boundaries, medical compliance are addressed. This group is about interactive support.


If you feel as though you're the only one suffering from a mental illness, then we welcome you to attend one of our connections support groups to find solace and kinship among others who are going through the same issues you're dealing with. From sharing the struggles of mental illness to celebrating the victories, our support group promises to help you develop a sense of self-worth and empowerment by branching out in the community.

Mental Health Hotline

Whether you're feeling at your lowest or simply need to speak with someone, our informational hotline is the best source to go to for support. Anyone in our community can call our hotline or you can email us to request more information.

Oftentimes, we receive calls from individuals who currently have a loved one in the hospital who is preparing for discharge or need additional support while at their lowest. No matter the situation, we have the resources and guidance you need to get through your painful time.

Don’t let another day go by. Please contact us today to request more information about our mental illness support groups and receive the help you need now!


Join us and call: (704) 236-2264